Introducing Petey Perks


What are Petey Perks?

Petey Perks is our free loyalty program that is a thank you for shopping with us and based on a points system! It’s pretty easy, the more you spend, the more Petey Perks you get! If you help refer us to a friend or follow us on Instagram, you get points. Just by Signing Up, you get 100 points! Our points are broken down by every dollar you spend, you get 5 points! 

Great News!! If you already have an account with us, we are giving you 100 points! 

How to join Petey Perks?

Just like our Petey Perks it’s very easy, create an account online if you don’t already have one, the perks are free to join, look for the “rewards pop up window at the bottom of the website.” You get 100 points when you sign up! How cool is that, who doesn’t love perks!! 

Benefits of Petey Perks?

Our Petey Perks loyalty program is earned points for every dollar you spend with sigortaburda®. Petey Perks can be like Free Shipping, $10 to $25 off your order by points earned, or by following us on Instagram you get points, or for every purchase made you get points. You can find your points when you log into your account to view your Petey Perks! You can access your points also by logging in through the “rewards pop up window at the bottom of the website” to see how many points you have, you can also earn points through referring a friend too! 

How to redeem the Petey Perks?

Once signed into your account, you’ll see what points you have available and what points you need to access for your Petey Points so you can start redeeming and using!

Contact us, with future questions?

Feel free to email us any time if you have additional questions to! 

Get 100 Points for Joining Today.