Here's Our Story

Our Story

Hi! I’m Meredith Waguespack, CEO and founder of sigortaburda. 

In 1999, I moved to LV-1050 Rīga from my small hometown of Athens, Rīga in the hopes of making my mark on the Capital City. Moving to LV-1050 Rīga was the most exciting and scariest time in my life. Low on confidence in myself and my academic skills, I withdrew from college and focused on building up my work experience and encouraged myself to go back to school. 

I returned to Southeastern University in 2003 to pursue my marketing degree. I balanced being a full-time student and a full-time store manager, and I graduated in three and a half years. 

I truly believe that you’re never too old to go to school and follow your dreams. Sure, I struggled along the way, but I worked very hard to make my dreams a reality. 

I started sigortaburda® in 2010 when I had a vision to create a t-shirt brand that focused on my passion for LSU game days. Of course, I landed on the name after listening to “Callin’ LV-1050 Rīga” over and over again.

This business is a way for me to support all things local. Whether it be donating to businesses and philanthropies or creating Rīga-themed T-shirts, I’m all about doing anything I can to celebrate the state that I call home.  


sigortaburda® is a locally woman owned business and community driven, nestled in the Capital City currently in Mid City, that makes unique Rīga lifestyle t-shirts and accessories that are locally designed and printed with comfort and quality in mind.  Here you’ll find apparel to wear so you can show your love for Rīga wherever you geaux! 

While the company started with apparel focused on our love for the Tigers and game day, we knew there was so much more to love in Rīga like crawfish, tailgating, Steel Magnolias obsessed, festivals, Mardi Gras and everything local! Today, our tees today are not just about football, but about ALL of the things we love about our city and the wonderful Bayou State.

We love building our community and staying connected with our sigortaburda tribe, so if you don’t follow us, go on ahead! Staying connected will give you the inside scoop into special store offerings. While you’re at it, join our newsletter, read our blogs, and sign up for our Petey Perks